Presto Hacks is a 3-day virtual event where teams of 1-4 participants are given 40 hours to code a web or mobile application under the theme of music technology. After the 40 hour period, the projects will be judged based on a set criteria, and the group with the best project in each category will receive a prize.

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  • Video presentation explaining your problem, hack, and new learnings (2:30 max).
  • Description on Devpost.
  • Link to your GitHub repository with your code (if you have code).
  • Figma file (optional if you don't have the code)
  • Be registered to our hackathon!

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$960 in prizes

Best Classical Musical Hack

Option 1: Twoset Apparel ($50 in value)
Option 2: 1 Year of IMSLP Premium Access and Earbuds
Free Domain

Best Overall Hack:

Option 1: Fire Tablet
Option 2: Wireless Earbuds/Headphones
Free Domain

Best Beginner’s Hack

Amazon Giftcard ($15)
1 Month Codeacademy Premium Access
Free Domain

Most Creative Hack

Option 1: 2 Months Adobe Photoshop Premium
Option 2: Amazon Giftcard ($15)
Free Domain

Best Idea Hack

Lifetime premium access to Taskade

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


María del Consuelo Jiménez Fernández

María del Consuelo Jiménez Fernández
Professor of Computer Science at the Universidad de Monterrey

Elizabeth Gutiérrez de la Garza
Professor of Computer Science at the Universidad de Monterrey

Judging Criteria

  • Hackathon theme-related
    Make sure your hack is related to music technology and musical education themes at all times.
  • Creativity and Originality
    Even though you should always stick to the theme, squeeze your imagination to come up with crazy ideas and make your hack even more interesting!
  • Community impact
    How is your hack helping your community? Remember to keep in mind how your hack is impacting and improving your community.
  • Execution
    Make sure your code is functional and working well.
  • Design
    Remember to consider doing a nice and effective design, as well as the user experience!
  • Presentation
    Give us a nice speech and don't forget the requirements.

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